Many thanks for your excellent efforts with the website.

I have spent far too long on it since Woody emailed me the details last week! It is a brilliant idea and will be much appreciated as more former members become aware of it.

I also followed your link to the cricket site which brought back more happy memories. There are a few names I recognise there as well dating back to when I played.

Andy Miller 14/03/2005

Really enjoyed browsing - great website! Well done!

Nigel ('Woggy') Palastanga 22/03/2005

Fantastic web-site.

Henry Trull 19/11/2005

It is people such as Kevin Mockler who set up and maintains the website, and people such as Terry Coughlan and Andy Miller who keep solving problem team photographs. I do recommend that you have a look. We would not have found Henry if had not been for the website. When I left the UK twenty odd years ago Bob and Alan had lost touch with him even then.

Roger Hawkins 21/12/2005