The final set of club rules

Greenwich Academicals Rugby Football Club

Club Rules


1. The name of the club shall be the Greenwich Academicals Rugby Football Club hereinafter called the club.


2a. The club shall be affiliated to the RFU, the KCRFU, the MCRFU and conform to their rules and regulations.

2b. The club and its members shall be bound by these rules which shall not conflict with the rules, regulations and standing orders of the Poly Sports and Social Club.

Standing orders


3. The objects of the club shall be the promotion and furtherance of the game of rugby as played according to the laws laid down by the Rugby Football Union.

Accounts and audit

4a. True accounts shall be kept of all items of income and expenditure. These accounts together with all other assets of the club shall be examined at least once annually and the correctness of the balance sheet ascertained by an Auditor appointed at the AGM of the club.

A certified copy of the balance sheet shall be forwarded to the honorary assistant secretary for ratification by the finance and general purposes sub-committee of the Poly sports and social club within twenty-eight days after the club's AGM.

4b. an inventory of all the club's property equipment and trophies to be permanently maintained and checked annually. The results of this examination to be duly recorded and presented to the club's AGM.

4c. Bank account signatories shall consist of the honorary treasurer and one of two other committee members as appointed by the committee.

4d. The club shall not incur any financial liability.


5. Membership of the club is, subject to the approval of the club committee, open to:

a. Enrolled students.

b. Members of the University of Greenwich alumni association.

c. Members of the public.

Members of the club are the only persons entitled to vote at meetings of the club or take part in its management or sit on any committee of the club.

Life members of the Thames Polytechnic Association shall be members for life with all the privileges of membership but shall pay no fees or subscriptions.

Subscriptions and fees

6a. All members and persons associated with the club shall pay an annual subscription to the club, the amount to be determined annually by the committee.

6b. The club shall be responsible for collection of subscriptions, which shall be due on the first day of October in each year.

6c. Subscriptions in arrears:
If any person shall neglect, for one month, to pay any money due to the club, the club's committee shall at its discretion, by notice in writing, request the payment of such money. If such a request is not complied with, they shall be considered in arrears and excluded from all privileges of the club until such arrears be paid. If the subscriptions of any persons be six months in arrears they shall forthwith cease to be associated with the club either as a member or in any other capacity.

General meeting

7a. The club shall hold an AGM in April or May. The AGM to be specified as such in the notice convening it.

7b. The business of the AGM shall be to receive, consider and adopt the statement of accounts, the reports of the chairman and/or honorary secretary, honorary fixture secretary and Auditor, to elected officers members of the committee and Auditor for the ensuing year and to transact any other business.

7c. The committee, whenever it thinks fit, or upon notice in writing from no fewer than twelve members who are entitled to vote, shall convened an extraordinary general meeting. Any such notice shall specify the object of the meeting, be signed by the members requesting it, and be lodged with the honorary secretary. The meeting shall be convened for that specific purpose only.

7d. Only those members who are not in arrears are entitled to vote at AGM and EGM.
Not less than fourteen days clear notice in writing shall be given for every annual or extraordinary general meeting. Twenty members personally present and entitled to vote shall form a quorum. The chairman is to be entitled to a casting vote in addition to his vote as a member.

Officers and committee

8a. The officers of the club shall be:

i. The chairman of the club.
ii. The honorary secretary.
iii. The club captain.
iv. The honorary treasurer.
v. The honorary fixture secretary.
vi. The honorary team secretary.
vii. The honorary social secretary.

8b. The club committee shall consist of:

i. The officers of the club.
ii. Two members of the committee, one of whom shall be a full-time student of the University of Greenwich.

Nominations for 8b shall be in writing, duly proposed and seconded by members and duly signed by nominees. Such nominations are to be lodged with the honorary secretary prior to the commencement of the AGM. Nominations may also be received from the floor of the AGM for any of the positions detailed above.


9a. Members of honour:
It is the duty of the club in AGM and an only upon nomination of the club committee, and with the approval of the Poly sports and social club's management committee, to elect its own members of honour of the club. The notice of the AGM at which it is intended to elect a candidate for this award must be included on the agenda of that meeting.

9b. President:
The President of the club shall be elected from existing members of honour or vice Presidents. The position shall be held for three years and then shall be reviewed and re-elected at the subsequent AGM.

9c. Vice Presidents:
Nominations for vice-presidents shall be accepted by the club committee and enrolled on receipt of subscriptions. Certain vice-presidents may be made honorary.

Colours and playing strip

10. The colours of the club shall be a red, green and old gold.

Rules and standing orders

11. All members shall receive a copy of these rules and standing orders.

Management committee of PSSC

12. The club shall send the chairman to represent it at meetings of the management committee of the PSSC.

Alterations to rules and standing orders

13. No alterations or amendments shall be made to these rules and standing orders unless they have been approved in general meeting by not less than two thirds of those present, who are entitled to vote. The alterations or amendments shall then be submitted to the finance and general purposes sub-committee to be ratified by the management committee of the PSSC.

Winding-up of the club

14. The decision to wind up the affairs of the club shall be made by a two-thirds majority of those present and voting at a general meeting. If winding-up is to proceed then the members at this meeting shall:

a. Fix the date from which the club shall cease to function.

b. Instruct the honorary treasurer to meet all outstanding payments prior to the aforementioned date.

c. Formulate instructions for the committee to dispose of remaining assets.

d. Decide whether members shall be informed that the above matters have been executed either by a further general meeting or by a circular letter.

Complaints or disputes

15. Complaints by any member must be put to the club captain in the first instance who will investigate and report to the committee. If the member is not satisfied he must submit in writing his complaint to the honorary secretary who will bring it to the notice of the committee. The member concerned will be informed of the results and any action taken.

Committee standing orders

1. The club committee shall:

a. Carry out the objects of the club and all matters of a routine nature as it made deem expedient for the good of the club.

b. Authorise such payments, as they deem expedient.

2. The affairs of the club shall be managed by a committee composed of officers and 1st team captain. The officers shall be: chairman, honorary secretary, club captain, honorary treasurer, honorary fixture secretary, honorary team Secretary and two other members of the club, one of whom shall be a student member.

Four shall constitute a quorum.

3. The club committee shall have the power:

a. To co-opt members of the club.

b. To fill, for the remainder of the season, any vacancy caused by the withdrawal of an officer of the club.

c. To form sub-committees.

d. To fill the posts of honorary tour Secretary and honorary social secretary from their number or co-opted members.

e. To take disciplinary action against any members for lateness or lack of attendance at games when selected unless a reasonable excuse has been given in good time.

4a. At the annual general meeting, the Members present shall elect the 1st XV captain and, on a day appointed by the committee, at the commencement of the season, the members of each of the other teams shall elect their respective captains.

4b. In each case the captain will hold office for one year from the time of the election.

4c. During the playing season should a captain be unavailable for his team; a deputy will be appointed by the selection committee on a weekly basis.


1. Club policies - Selection

a. Training/coaching: commitment to team training where individual skills and teamwork will influence selection as well as improve the club's performance in competition. Fitness levels will also rise with continual attendance.

b. Skills and fitness: individual and team skill levels will form a strong basis with fitness. Training more than once a week will be required to maintain and improve fitness.

c. Availability: regular player availability throughout the season. Missing one week for an acceptable reason will no longer be detrimental to selection. However should the replacement justify continued selection then no guarantee can be given for automatic reselection.

d. Commitment: being committed to the club is also of primary consideration. Punctuality for match meets and training, ensuring if there is any doubt that you phone someone (not wait to be contacted), actually turning up when notified and informing your captain or team secretary when unavailable. Please be aware of sudden changes in venue or team.

e. Conduct: self-explanatory - each GARFC player is an ambassador for the club both on and off the field.

f. Subs: payment of annual subscriptions must be made by the last day of October (in line with club rules) to ensure selection consideration. Individual arrangements may be made for special circumstances by contacting the treasurer.

g. Fees: match fees must be paid on the day. The club needs the money to keep running and provide necessary kit and equipment.

h. Attitude: the game is to be enjoyed by thirty-one participants. The club is to be enjoyed by all. Make it work for you by working for it.

2. Vice-presidents

Whilst members of honour (honorary positions) have for long time given us a senior fraternity, and the recent formation of an old boars side given a purpose in life to over 35s, we have neglected genuine supporters, former players and former members associated with the club. To this end the club voted and accepted that a vice-president Society be formed. Generally, the aim of the club is to provide continuing association, future growth, financial stability and assistance to the club, as outlined:

a. Provide regular newsletter contact - information on club results, social events and forthcoming attractions.

b. Applications for international tickets.

c. Invitations to two luncheons per season to meet colleagues and afterwards watch competitive league rugby.

d. Provide a wider social circle.

e. Potential for willing members to assist in running the club.

f. Re-establish the rugby traditions.

Information on past associates will be welcome.

Greenwich Academicals Rugby Football Club

Bill Hills

Members of honour
Peter Arscott, Alan Barnes, Joe Bucknall, Colin Clements, John Eatherden, Bill Hills, Philip Jones, Alec Mabe, Dusty Miller, Barry Morrison, John Slater, Dave Smith, Peter Vaughan, John Baker, John Belfield, John Stout, Mike Doveston.

Vice Presidents
David Aitken, Lesley Anderson, John Belfield, Chris Best, Peter Blake, John Clasper, Dudley Cruikshank, Mike Davies, Stuart Davies, Andy Dagger, John Deacon, Chris Eady, Stan Fisher, Tony Fitzhenry, Roger Hawkins, Sean Hennessey, Mick Heselden, Russell Humphrey, Peter James, Jerry Jones, Andy Jordan, Gary Kent, Mike Knight, Paul Kurgo, Bill Leftwich, Bob Lewis, Mick McNamara, John Mendham, Charlie Needham, Jim Parry, Arthur Perrin, Stan Rees, John Richards, Kevin Short, Phil Stockburn, James Stout, Jackie Stout, John Stout, Bob Towers, Ernie Trott, Wally Whinray, Mike Williams, Robin Williams, Mark Wyatt, Jim Wood, Pat Wood, Judy Wood, John Wigley, Andy Dickie, Don Mackney, Don Bartlett, Al Howarth, Derek Whale, Doris Hills.