Sad deaths of Peter Arscott and Joe Bucknall.


I don't think our particular Poly paths crossed as myself and a group of 'polyanna's' emigrated to Australia in 1966 (back now) . My period of 'pleasure' was about 1954 - 1966. However I would certainly like to take this opportunity to thank you for initiating and maintaining communication via your website.

Peter and Joe were the senior players in my era and I remember them with a sort of coarse rugby affection. Joe as the tough and never yielding scrum half and Peter as the one with the most telegraphed dummy ever.

Both guys were full of the oil that kept the wheels turning (especially Peter).

Good times.... Good Guys..... Goodbye

Terry Coughlan

This is indeed sad news - but he has had a good innings. He should have sent me off loads of times when he was a referee - but he was far too nice.

Nigel Palastanga

It was very sad news to hear about Joe & Peter.

They were both a few years older than me (but not a lot !). I played in the Old Boars with Joe couple of times and used to see him regularly out and about in Eltham / Sidcup. Peter refereed my games fairly frequently but had given up playing when I arrived at the poly (1974 ish).

All the best to everyone

John Stout

Indeed sad news. Sadly also a reminder how time flies buy.

My introduction to Poly rugby was thanks to Peter Arscott recruiting amongst the rugby teams of the Woolwich Polytechnic Technical Secondary School on Saturday mornings at Well Hall in 1962. Others that were recruited then included Paul Stack, Terry Branch, John Clasper and Brian Styles.

Little did I realise I would be playing outside the famous duo of Joe Bucknell at scrum half and Peter Arscott at fly half when I reached the dizzy heights of the 1964/5 Ex A XV. Yes, Peter had an amazing dummy, which seemed to consist of a very large wink at his opposite number, accompanied by a suttle swing of the arms.

As mentioned by Bob Towers, Peters work on behalf and for the Woolwich Polytechnic Rugby Club was unstinting of the field as well as on. Joe did his share too. Particularly he was able to organise large jumble sales, the proceeds always seem to exceed the bill for a new set of shirts!

Maureen Arscott put her fair share of work on behalf of the ladies Hockey Club, whilst Pam Bucknell has been a excellent supporter and carer for Joe in his last very difficult years. My sympathies are with them both.

Great times, Great guys.

Roger Hawkins
New Plymouth, NZ