Link to picture including Alan Howarth.

I'm sorry to read this news.

Alan was one of many guys to take the trouble to make a painfully shy 18 year old (me) feel at his ease when he first joined the Club.

I recall with fond amusement being with a group of guys in the bar after my first game and somebody (Effy I think) asking me how I had come to join the Club. I explained that I was about to become a student at the Poly. Alan said he was at the Poly and I asked him if he was a lecturer as I thought he was old to be a student. He indignantly told me that he WAS a student much to the amusement of all the others. I later learned that the length of time Alan was at the Poly was a bit of Club banter but at the time I thought I'd offended him! He forgave me though and I have fond memories of him particularly in 7s tournaments in my early days when we struggled to put a side out.

My condolences to his family and the guys who knew him best like Sandy Galloway, Bob Towers, Charlie Needham, Micky Doveston etc.

Andy Miller

Indeed bad news,

Alans optimism and never ending youth was an example to us all.

I last saw him in 2005, at JCs place when illness had really taken hold, but he was responsive and alert and responded to a joke.

A thankyou to Alans close friends, Sandy, Bob, Mags, Mick D, Charlie N et al, all of whom seemed have lived at Humber Street, Greenwich at one time or another, for taking such good care of him over the last few years.....

Roger Hawkins

Like you all I was sadden to hear of Alan's death.

Alan really soldiered on well, inspite of his major health problems, I have many fond memories of Alan and our days at the rugby club, they were certainly very happy times.

Unfortunately I cannot make his funeral.

John Clasper


It seems inevitable now, we only achieve mass communication for sad events. I did hope to get to say farewell to Alan, but the diary won't allow. I have grand memories of all three, going back to my first season 60/61. Playing for the 4th, mainly just 12 of each week, but as we were usually with the 2's Joe 'looked' after me in the bar afterwards. It was that season I was lent to the 2's opposition who were short, I played flanker and managed to pinch the ball out of Joe's hand and score. He came in for a bit of ribbing that evening. Rumour had it that it was Peter twitching his moustach which sold the dummy, either that or a nervous tic. Now I was skipper of the 3rd when Alan and Bob played their first game for the club, me thinking I had two youngsters to look after, I was probably all of 23, and the two of them running rings round the opposition.
Great memories, great times.

I played my last game(for now) last year, to celebrate being 60. I was promised a 20 minute cameo on the wing, but ended playing the full game at hooker. Pat reckoned it was a good laugh, could not understand how I put so much effort into running so slowly. Enough for now, I will raise a glass to the absent ones this week.

Regards to all, Barry Morrison